"Play Now" or "Play Next" feature

Apologies - - I posted this on another thread, but I thought I would post It again on this thread…

Picture this: You are using your sansa to play tunes out of someone’s stereo, at a party,  and someone and requests a song. As it stands now, you have to wait till the current song finishes, then scroll through 200 to 300 artists, or 500 to 800 songs, and find the song. Awkward silence.

That’s Just one scenario…many times you think of a song you want to hear next, why cant you just que it up, instead of having to wait for the current song to end.

Ideally, you should be able to make the “go list” on the fly, that is, while it is playing. If its just a firmware issue, what i think you should do is as follows:  When you have a song selected, the right arrow should give you two options:  Play Now, or “Play Next” or better yet “add to go list”  If you choose the latter option(s), it should add it to the go list, or to a “que” without stopping the current song from playing. Right now the right arrow and the center button are redundant, so the center button should still play the song now, so you dont have to go to the extra menu if you dont want to.

I have only seen one other MP3 player with this capability, so maybe it is more than just firmware issue.   

I agree this would be a great feature.

The first time I ever picked up an MP3 player (it wasn’t a Sansa) I wanted thie exact feature.

It makes 100% sense.

Sure, sometimes you want to listen to random tunes. And sometimes you want to listen to all the songs on an album. And sometimes you have a pre-made play list. But just as often I want to play what songs I’m thinking of now, on the spot.

Hope this gets implemented.

I like this idea. A lot of times hearing one song will make me think of another song, and just because i want to hear the second song doesn’t mean i don’t want to finish the song that it was on. a Queue  would be a great feature to add.

Please, please, add this feature. It in my opinion is one of the most important features a player can have. Oddly enough, I can never seem to find a player that has it.

I use winamp on my PC and love this function.  Easily create playlists on the fly as you are listening to music.

Interesting idea. I like it. It doesn’t seem that difficult to implement.

O wow! What a great idea! Hey! And what if you are at the party and you have some songs queued up and someone says “Hey I bet you don’t have *artist*…” And you do! And it is coming up in about 7 songs! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could re-order the list and move it up to the *NEXT* position??? 

Y’know what? The hell with all of you. Now I am ticked off.

I have posted now three times about adding OTF Playlisting.

317 VIEWS on my first post. NOT ONE REPLY.

2nd thread, not only did a majority of people reply and say “Oh, I don’t want that!” not ONE person ever agreed with me.

*pro tip* what you guys are asking for here? IT IS OTF PLAYLISTING!!!


PS Thank you Bobb for restoring my faith in my fellow music lovers. How anyone can not be clamoring for OTF Playlists is beyond me.

Most players have OTF Playlisting.

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Here is the contents of my second post about this.

So I was working out with my Fuze this evening. I queued up my RECENTLY ADDED playlist. A song came on which reminded me of another album I wanted to add to the end of the NOW PLAYING list.

O snap. Can’t do that on a Fuze. Seriously?!?!!


If you seriously think you do not need playlisting on your Fuze… you don’t understand the functionality it gives you. You simply don’t know what you are missing. Read on and allow me just one last chance to properly explain why On The Fly Playlisting is so important. Please.

OTF = Being able to create, save and delete playlist s  on your device. 

But that, my friends, is  not  the beauty of OTF Playlisting.

If a device, any device, has true ON THE FLY PLAYLISTING it must have some kind of menu like the one found on the Rio Karma/Trekstor Vibez:


     > PLAY

     > INSERT

     > APPEND

     > RE-ORDER

     > REMOVE


From those options (except Make Playlist of course) you can choose Album, Artist, Genre, Track…

Sit back and imagine the possibities for 1 minute. Imagine the possibilities that have NOTHING to do with actually creating playlists on the device.

I really like the Fuze, guys. I really do. The size is incredible and it does do many things well. Sound quality top notch.

But comparing the various ways to play music to the much older Rio Karma and the Trekstor Vibez which replaced it… the Fuze seems so behind in some areas it sometimes feels like a Fisher Price toy. I’ll gladly send my Karma to any Sansa developer that wants to try it out.  :smileyvery-happy:

On the Current Fuze:

PLAY > ALBUM… PLAY > ANOTHER ALBUM… wait… where’d my first album go?

What do you mean I can’t queue up 3 seperate albums?!?!?

Why can’t I queue up 25 different tracks that are nowhere near each other alphabetically? O sure I can create… ONE GoList… and then of course I have to restart the GoList… I can’t add to it while listening to it… And if I want to keep my GoList… well … make a decision…

PLAY > GENRE > BLUES… PLAY > GENRE > ALTERNATIVE… Where’d the Blues go? O that’s right… can’t play 2 Genres together…

Are you starting to see the possbilities??? Seems pretty basic, right?


     > INSERT

No matter what you are listening to: a track, a genre, an artist, an album you can insert any track, genre, artist, album and it will play right after the next song AND it will keep everything else you have queued up behind that. You can create a NOW PLAYIING list of anything and everything. Mix it up however you want! 

     > APPEND

Add ANYTHING to the end of whatever you are listening to and not lose what you are currently listening to nor your place in it.

     > RE-ORDER

Rearrange any of the tracks in your current list.

     > REMOVE

Remove one track from your list, one entire artist, everything below xyz track or remove everything and start over.


Honestly guys? … you are right. I could care less about making playlists… I just want to INSERT, APPEND and REMOVE.

And once again… silence.


I honestly don’t care anymore since I have Rockbox now and it does everything I want. But those of you sticking with Sansa are doing yourselves a disservice by not getting behind the OTF Playlisting issue.

A bit late…  But I’m with you.  I have a clip+.  It’s a great player, but needs OTF playlisting.

nwimpney wrote:

A bit late…  But I’m with you.  I have a clip+.  It’s a great player, but needs OTF playlisting.


No it doesn’t.:stuck_out_tongue:

There just are a lot of people who want that feature (I don’t need it, as I listen to albums).

I do wonder if the limited system memory in the Clip would allow for it, though.  If not, it might be time for system memory size to increase, just as storage has over the past 1-2 years.