network taking a long time to connect since installing readycache

hi guys 

       allthough my readycache is working great and theres no problems the network is taking longer than normal to connect,so much so i now start “steam” client manually 

        is there a way to get the network connected before the caching software … or is this a known problem … 

        its not a bad issue as it connects after 45 seconds,however it would be nice if theres a solution or fix for this 

                   many thanks guys !

I’m not a ReadyCache expert, but:

Generally you want to implement caching asap in the boot process to cache as many of the startup hard disk reads as possible.

So, it might help Sandisk work on this to know:

your version of Windows

your disk setup (I assume you are booting and loading everything from one active Windows partition)

any other networking software, like router management software, that’s loading

your security software

anything else that at boot time looks at / works with your network connection.

I have a funny feeling that this is something that would be more easily fixed at the steam end.  Your loading steam after boot is probably the best solution.