Drive not working properly

I installed this ready cache Thursday. Instillation seemed to go well, until I started gaming. It locked up my games and even my browser several times. I uninstalled the software and switched SATA ports and the cable. When I re-booted the computer to re-install the software It took 2 1/2 hrs to boot windows then it would not let anything function correctly. No programs would start and I could not connect to the internet untill i re booted a few times. The disk was still making everything take an extremely long time to work so now it is just unpluged so my computer can function. win 7 64 bit, firefox, 650w ps, amd 6 core cpu, 1 tb hdd, radeon 7770.

download the SSD dashboard and check the SMART for the Readycache ssd and post the results here.