Navigating in the Clip's Menus

I really like my Clip, but I hate the folder navigation. I’ve had an iPod for a long time and got used to the ease of use of iTunes for creating playlists, adding and removing song files, etc. With the Clip I’ve tried Media Monkey, Windows Media Player, and I’ve tried creating my own Playlists by working directly in the Clip’s “Internal Memory” folder on the desktop using Windows Explorer. I create the playlists, they show up, I unhook the clip and there is no playlist. The songs show up under the “Artist” listing on the Clip, but no playlist. I also don’t see the playlist file when I go back to the Clip through the desktop. I’m using Windows XP. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to work with playlists, folders, etc. on the Clip? It should be as easy as Apple has made it with iTunes.

Playlists can be gererated easily in MTP mode with Windows Explorer (but you will need to use this mode for file transfer too).  Programs like Media Monkey are quite popular too.

I have always built playlists in a few clicks using Rhapsody without any problems.

It takes a little getting used to, but since the Clip, and the entire Sansa family, give YOU total control (unlike Apple), it’s a matter of finding the option you like best.

In reality, I can’t fault SanDisk.  Simply compare Apple + iTunes versus Sansa + Rhapsody.  This combination is relatively seamless, and it doesn’t drain your wallet like the former will most assuredly will.

Playlists are a hot topic!  Spend a little time reading up here in the Sansa Community, and I’m sure you’ll find a method that works well for you.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: