Napster purchases tracks Distort/Skip


I am having a bit of an issue with my Sansa Express 1GB.

It plays my own mp3’s and whatnot just fine. However, I have purchased a number of tracks from Napster (protected-WMA) which cause an issue.

I can power it up and listen to a purchased track fine. The problem occurs if I return to the music list and select another purchased track by a different artist. When that track begins to play, it sounds all distorted and scrambled through the track. It sounds like the player screwed up on the decoding. Occasionally, this causes the player to power off and require a hard reset to bring it back to life.

If I pause the track (which takes a few seconds for the scrambled noise to stop and to acknowledge it is paused) and then hit the rewind button to restart the track, it will play that track fine.

If I listen to multiple tracks in the same album, they all play fine (meaning they are all listed together). It’s only if I listen to tracks not in the same list that this occurs.

My current work around is when the protected tracks of an album are done playing, I have to select a regular mp3 track, and then select the next protected track from a different artist/album to listen to.

Any ideas?


Hmm that is pretty strange… you could call sandisk… I believe they have a file they can send out to you that will reload your Firmware. Sounds like its a f.w issue so give that a try :slight_smile: