dont read mp3

hello and welcome I have right now such a big problem. When i switch my sansa on today I couldnt hear any songs in mp3 format. Only FLAC. When I am pushing “play all” I see all the songs jumping one after one. It stopped and start to play only if random roll catch FLAC file. Then it starts too play this song. If it s end and roll it mp3 file the history repeat. Any suggestions what is wrong? If I explained it not enough clearly, then I ll try to record some tutorial about my problem

Did the player play the MP3 files before?  If so, I wonder if a firmware glitch has developed–you could try manually reapplying the firmware (see the firmware thread at the top of this forum) and see if that helps. 

yeah. It fixed the problem… But now player likes to stop working on the welcome screen. (I mean the sansa’s flower screen) and I must reset it :’

Hate to say it, but try reapplying the firmware again?  Needless-to-say, your issue should not be happening.