My SSD480G is slow...


I bought a Sandisk Extreme 480Go SSD SATA III (SDSSDX-480G-G25) for my black Macbook noir 2.2 Intel Core 2Duo 4Go  Ram.

I’m disappointed because I can’t feel the speed impress of SSD (except in launching VMWare) . After tests my SSD do it best in writing:  113Mb/S and 134.4Mb/S in reading.

Even if my Intel ICH8-M AHCI controller doesn’t allow use 3 gigabyte, I think it’s not normal that my performances are so down.

Trim is activated (my second screen shot is not up to date).

Can you help me?


(sorry for my English)

you are using black magic benchmark which uses uncompressable data. the numbers published are using a benchmark that uses compressable data. what you are seeing is normal for a sata II host. 

Thanks for your answer.

On top of that ~~20Mbps difference isn’t really that much of a difference. overall, it’s owrking pretty normal.