My sansa not turning on

I’ve had my sansa since Feb. 14 and it is only march 7. For some reason my sansa just shuts off completely. I tried recharging it because that’s actually what the problem was but, when I try to turn to turn it on it won’t come on period. At first it said low battery then I put it on the charger and it completely shut. I tried putting the charger in it again but the sansa sign would show then disappear again. It started off doing this Now it won’t come on period or it won’t show up on the computer. This is my second sansa fuze and the same thing was happening with my other one on and off. I hope I can stop this problem permanently because my mom said she’s not buying anther on LOL and I really love this one.

Try resetting it, and then charging.

If it’s still the same issue, out of curiousity, how long have you had this by the way?