Sansa not working

I have been having problems with me sansa fuse 4gb.  It was not charging when plugged into my computer, even though it was turning on and saying connected.  I did what the site said and refreshed the drivers, and everything was working.  Today when I was using it, it just turned off and will not turn on at all.  I have it connected to my computer and it is not being recognized or turning on at all.  Can someone please help me… I have had this for just over one year, and never had problems until just a couple of days ago.


  1. Try resetting it; hold the spring-loaded power switch in the uppermost positions for 20-30 secs. Release and then slide it up momentarily to turn it on normally.

  2. Could be that your cable (or the pins in the plug end of it) has gone bad. Try a new cable.