My Sansa MP3 battery charger?

My Sansa MP3 player battery will not charge while being connected to the computer. It lights up and says connected to computer, but when I unplug it- it says low battery then it shuts down… What should I do? Any suggestions?

I thank those in advance for trying to help me out.

Jesus Loves You.

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Try a couple of basic things first.

Maybe the battery isn’t in quite right. Get a little screwdriver, open the back–don’t lose the screws–and take out the battery, wipe off the contacts if they don’t look clean, and snap it in. It’s just like a cell-phone battery, very easy.

If that doesn’t help try using different USB ports on your computer. Some get more power than others–the back is usually better. Don’t use a hub or anything with multiple ports. Put the cord directly into a port on the computer.  

Hi  Yes i am having the same problem with my sansa mp3  it is 4 gigs.  There are no screws though, but it will not charge.  I think it might possibly be the cable.  I need some help. Thanks


If it doesn’t have any screws, it isn’t an e200. Try c1u31355's other suggestions, and if it still doesn’t work, post again on the correct board for your player.

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