My Sansa M250 screen busted. Help!

I accidentally busted the screen of my Sansa M250 a few weeks ago. I cannot see the menu screen, but all of the functions still work, and I am able to listen to music without a problem. But it seems I have also more recently chosen my MP3 player to play on Shuffle (accidentally), and I am not sure how to turn it off, as I have forgotten the layout of the menu screen.

If anyone also has this MP3 player, and can tell me how to turn Shuffle off, I would be very grateful.

I have a M230, but it might not be that different. Might as well try. Press the down arrow (REPEAT/AB) 3 times. Press the select button. Press the select button again. Press the down arrow (REPEAT/AB). Press the select button. That should do it. If it didn’t, I’m very sorry.

P.S. Is your player still in warranty?