my sansa fuse won't turn on can't install sansa fuse with out installing rhapsody

help !  i just bought my sansa fuse not long ago it comes with a installation cd and you have to load rhapsody  i can’t get the program to load bcause I need to add rhapsody as a trusted site  and I also can’t turn on my sansa fuse  is there anothor way to load my sansa with out having to use Rhapsody thanks

if you dont wanna use Rhapsody… your Fuze came with a nice Frisbee… You dont need to use rhapsody. You can use Windows Media player or pretty much any software you like or no software at all. To get your fuze to come on make sure the battery is charged. Plug it in to your computer let it charge for a few hours and then unplug it, and try to start it.