Starter Disc didn't work....

Sorry- there are so many things to look through and I’m not finding help.

I got 2 8gb fuzes for my children and could rip my hair out. The starter disc included is not installing on my computer for some unknown reason. after a long time something about crc does not match comes up. 

I read on one of the included papers that even current Rhapsody members must install the included software so what is a person to do? 


I have the same problem with the disc…  although I am running Vista x64, and that might be the problem…   (old applications)…

I have windows xp…

The disc that comes with the sansa fuze is only used to add Rapsody on demand, not for the aactuall installition process. When I got my sansa fuze, I just plugged it in to the computer and the computer automatically installed the necessary drivers. You computer SHOULD do the same

Go to and register and download the latest version software.  That should solve your problems and you dont need the cd that way.

I tell most folks that get comfused by the disc. take it and throw it across the room. Its nice to have access to rhapsody if you like rhapsody but otherwise its a frizzbee. I would suggest if you are having trouble putting music on the Fuze please ask how. There are many different methods but as

@ebouc wrote:
Go to and register and download the latest version software. 

If you really want to use rhapsody.

Just plug in into your computer. Go to my computer, select the Sansa Fuze drive, and select the music folder. Then, open up a new window where your music folder is located on your computer, and drag songs from here over to the Sansa Fuze music folder. It’s as simple as that. No programs involved.