my sansa clip driving me nuts! won't play songs and keep getting a straight line on screen...

Hi all

Got my sansa clip for xmas and can’t really figure it out. I’ve managed (through trial and error) to put 47 songs on it from Limewire and it was playing them all fine.

However, last few days it has started only playing the same 1 or 2 songs and then the title of the next song comes up but no sound and obviously isn’t playing. It especially does this if I try to fast forward to a new track.

Also, keep getting a bright straight line across the display - what does this mean?

It’s fully charged and radio works fine so am convinced I’ve messed some setting up or other when i’ve been trying to download songs or put them on shuffle etc.

Any suggestions? It’s driving me mad!

This is exactly what Weird Al predicted would happen.

aww, can noone help me?

Call SanDisk …