My IXpand is full

I am trying to copy all of my photos and videos. I had 21,000 files and too much to fit on my iXpand 128gb. I copied everything from my ixpand  to my computer. Now how do I get the rest of the photos that I was not able to copy? If I delete my ixpand now and try to copy again from my phone wont it recopy the other files?

if you delete the files and you are using auto backup there is no way for the app to know where you left off and it will copy all the files. 

you will have to manual copy the files using the copy files option and select the files manually to copy. 


I would suggest you simply take out the SD card on the base, and put into any card reader attached to your computer.

The default folder name is “iPhone” however you can rename your backups to any name you want.

In the iPhone folder you’ll see (contacts/photos/videos)