My installation cd was not included, with my mp3 player...........

will this affect my mp3 in the future, if I dont have the cd, because I dont seem to have any problems at all, with it, I can sync songs and everything, and still havent found a need to get a cd,

you probably did not get a cd becuase it is not needed. I dont believe my fuze came with a CD.

they provide everything you need online. Sansa media converter and the users manual. other stuff is just promotional materal.

oh okay, thanks, I just thought I would need one, because it said on the box, user manual and cd rom included, but there was not one in the box, , but my mp3 player is fine, i havent had any problems with it, so I guess I dont need one, Thanks again =)

Hi.  I just bought one of these last night.  I read through the link you posted for how to videos, but honestly, this is german to me.  I haven’t owned anything like this since walkmans came out.  I would like to download music but I just dont know where to start.  I do not have the CD that was supposed to come with my player.

On a lighter note, the radio part works fine!!

again, there is no cd that is “suppose to come with the player”. Everything you need is available online. Inlcluding the user manual, which is linked in the sansa clip “general information” page.

If a video tutorial does not suffice, I recommend calling tech support and having a person walk you through the steps. Its that or continue posting untill you understand. One will take 10-15 minutes, the other might take a few days.

Up to you.

Simple enough, how about a listen to some sample music then?  Go to Music and navigate to the sample songs.  Get a feel for how navigation works first.  You can select artist / album / genre / song.  Note that each of these will behave differently.  It is of note that you have only a few songs in there, and because of that, anything but songs will show only one choice.  Load your first complete album, and a list of that artists songs will be available, rather than just one.

You can fill up your device by first getting a copy of the User Guide.  It’s available under the “sticky” above, “general information”, at the top of that post.

For starters, simply load your favorite CDs into Windows Media Player, and thewn “sync” the desired tracks to the Clip.  The User Guide is great for this, as it has screen shots of the process.

Have fun listening! 

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Oh, and leave the device plugged in to the USB port for a few hours to charge it up!

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and if you want free mp3’s download limewire, to get as many as you want, its FREE, just go to,

Nothing is, in the end, a free lunch.  I don’t recommend limewire.  The artists need to eat too (but they don’t really need that Gulfstream V with chrome wheels).  Try the legal venues instead.

Files pulled from such Torrent sites can be more headache than it’s worth.

Bob  :wink: