My inability to connect to free internet connection at airports and hotels

Dear Sandisk;

      Conceptually, the Sansa Connect is great product. However, a major BUG still exist. I travel with my Sansa Connect nationwide, and I love Internet Radio, but I CAN NOT use internet radio at hotels or airports where I get Free Internet due to Acceptance Of Terms Of Agreement at various Airports and Hotels. Simply put, the only place I cab use Internet Radio is at HOME, which makes this device not woth the $165.00 USD I pay for this device. Why not I-Pod or Zune. Please improve this problem. I love Internet Radio EVERYWHERE I TRAVEL

Michael Doss

Field Service Engineer

Phoenix, AZ

Correct. If the free hotspot diverts you to a terms of use agreement, the Sansa Connect cannot display the page and you will not be able to use the Connect at that hotspot.