My Fuze+ won't do anything.

:manmad:I was using Napster then they changed/merged with Rhapsody then everything went bad. One of my Sansa Fuze+ won’t respond to anything. I have reset the factory settings and formatted. The player won’t even charge when plugged into the wall but it will turn on showing the logo.:manmad:

Try a different cable? The Fuze+ uses a micro-USB connector so a lot of cell phone chargers will work, although it won’t make a data connection. Sounds like you have more than one Fuze+, have you tried the cable from the other one?

FYI, resetting the factory settings won’t do anything but reset your personal preferences. It will not “fix” anything.

Tapeworm thank for the information but I have tried several cables and computers. Nothing seams to change what the players is doing. I also have another player and it is working fine. Do you have any other suggestions?