My business is ruined - lost all data on USB flash drive. Absolutely devastated. Plz help

OMG… the data is the essence and life of my business, livelihood especially during this COVID-19. There was around 50-100MB worth of data files, all records, accounts etc. Without this its all gone

Is there any way to recover the data that was on it before it was formatted and used media creation tool to create boot drive… Please help me. If I can at least retrieve a small portion is LIFE SAVER… I beg you. The usb is SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 I think its cruiser.

All good businesses backup their data, restore your files from the backups.

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USB flash drivers are reallly unreliable

I’m sorry for your loss. You should always consider backing up your data. At least you could have used the cloud. USB flash drives are one of the most unreliable ways to keep your data. They can easily be damaged just by hitting off the ground. You should understand this. I used to work at, and imagine if all of our projects would be saved on the USB. That would be the loss of losses. So, always back your data. I think you can give your USB to the service. They what to do with it.