How can I recover USB flash drive data?

I have an issue with my USB flash drive that has held 2GB of useful data. But, something bad just happened yesterday. When I tried to upload some data stored this drive to my computer, an error message popped out and I just clicked “yes” without reading it clearly. Now, all the stored data was disappeared. I had read some articles that talked about that the formatted drive data was also recoverable. Is it right? If it is right, how can I recover my data back? Have any idea for me? Please, help me!

This posting lists several FREE apps that may help recover your files.

Just use Recuva. It works and it’s free. 

Immediately stop using this USB flash drive in case your lost data would be rewritten by new files.

And then, plunge this USB flash drive to your computer and try to get back your data with some data recovery tools like iCare Data Recovery Free, Power Data Recovery, Recuva, 4Card Recovery and more.

Note : Always scan your drive more times to find your original data as much as possible.

Never format a USB flash drive without any data backup.

Here is an article that may give you some clues:

Do note that new user Chad456’s links reference software from iCare Data Recovery which while “free” to download costs $69.95 to recover the lost files that it supposedly finds.

Also note that whenever someone posts looking for help recovering lost files a new user joins to post a very similarly worded post.

As you’ve been suggested, do not format this USB drive and use a data recovery tool.

Here is a thread that may help you out:

Note: No matter what has happened, always back up all important data at least on two drives or places in the future.

Wow, another new user.  And recommending a thread that recommends the $69.95 iCare Data Recovery app.

The best method to recover data for free is by using a free data recovery software, Recuva is one such tool that can recover lost files, photos etc.   instantly.

I have found a free software,it works well.

LOL!!  Is the software is as good as the webpage you linked to??   The Buy Now button kinda implies the app isn’t free.

Here’s how you recover data from SanDisk USB flash drive - recover data from sandisk usb

If you didn’t overwrite new data to it, it’ not difficult to recover the files. The first step is to remove the hard drive from the device if possible, or otherwise stop using it.

I formatted my hard drive by mistake before.

Maybe you can try Bitwar Data Recovery , which helped me restore my lost data from the hard drive. It also provides 30-days free data recovery. You can try it, I hope it will also help you!