How to recover formatted hard drive!

Want to know about how can i recover a drive which is formatted as that data is imp. Kindly tell me ?

Do NOT write anything to the drive.

There are apps that can recover files on formatted drives, some are free, some are expensive, some are scams. If you can find a local repair shop take the drive to them to recover your files.

To recover data from your formatted drive, immediately stop using it, to avoid overwriting the data. Data recovery software like Stellar, Recuva, EaseUS, or Disk Drill can help you recover it, you just need to install it on a different drive. Most of them have a free trial edition that will let you know which software is helpful to you in recovering your data so that you can decide where to spend your money. If the software doesn’t work, then you can consider professional data recovery services.

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Note: There’s no guarantee that a formatted USB drive can always be recovered.

In my opinion, successful recovery requires at least the following conditions:

  • Quick formatting.
  • No data overwrite occurred after formatting.
  • The USB drive is not physically damaged and can be recognized by the computer.
  • You have a habit of regular backups.

If old data is overwritten, recovery becomes almost impossible. That’s why the first step in data recovery is always to stop using the drive. Then, you should check for available backups, especially in cloud storage.

There are many free data recovery tools available, such as Recuva, Windows File Recovery, TestDisk, PhotoRec, etc. However, you only need data recovery software once in your lifetime. After that, you should learn how to backup. For commercial data recovery software, I must point out that it’s crucial to pay attention to their subscription service. Many people often overlook this, resulting in losing big dollars.

Many articles mention using CMD to recover a formatted USB drive. This is incorrect. The ‘attrib’ command is only used to display hidden files and cannot directly recover a formatted portable device. The ‘chkdsk’ command, on the other hand, is used to fix file system errors and bad sectors.

Do not write anything new to the drive. Some data recovery software can recover files on formatted drives. These softwares can be free or paid. You can go for software like Stellar, Diskdrill, Recuva, Recoverit, Undelete and so on. If data recovery software is not able to recover the files then take the drive to a professional.