Is there a way to recover formatted data?

I have formatted my Fuze to make a quick clean up but I forgot that I had a very special recording there… Is there any way to recover the formatted data?

I know it’s improbable but… I have to ask. This was very important for me.  D - A - M - N !!! I’m so _*%#)$ stupid 


There are programs out there that could do the job but they are designged to be run on a computer to recover files on hard drives, I dont know how they would work on a player like this. My guess is that the files are gone.

yeah I guess so as well… too bad. I almost got over it hehe

anyway, a word of advice for everyone - ALWAYS think twice before pressing ‘yes’… especially if you have voice recordings - mp3s are not something you might regret loosing…

You are lucky! Formatting won’t make the data erased permanently. Those deleted data is still stored in the usb drive.It’s just invisible or inaccessible.

The most effective way is to rely on some data recovery programs. Try this program called Tenorshare Data Recovery. It can recover data after deeply scanning your usb drive to look for lost data you accidentally deleted or formatted from various data storage devices(like USB Drive, Pen Drive, digital camera card, memory card, SD cards, floppy disk,hard drive,etc).

It is important that you stop using the usb drive. The less new data is written, the better the chance of data intact recovery.

Just have a try!Hope it helps! Check it out:

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There are free data recovery programs.

I wouldn’t expect much luck on a formatted Fuze, though.!5237503/five-best-free-data-recovery-tools

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Relex, friend! SD card formatted data recovery is easy,I  had been  hot water like you before, I accidently deleted the family reunion photos in my digital SDHC card, and I was hurry to search some rescue measures, finally I found two recovery software, one is named Recuva, which just can recover about 60% photos, but is free, another one is Card Data Recovery, it can recover all the deleted photos, and the operation is more easier, you can learn more here: SDHC card fomatted data recovery

Before you pay for something, try Recuva.

But as you know, chances are slim–especially if anything else has been written to the formatted drive.