How to Recover Files and Photos from SanDisk USB Drive?

SanDisk USB flash drive is widely used for its excellent quality. It gives customers all the power and performance you need to transfer, store and share pictures, tunes and data with easy. Some uses of SanDisk USB flash drive can be concluded in the following aspects: personal data transport, secure storage of data, application and software files, application carriers, computer forensics and law enforcement, backup, etc. Compared with other storage devices like floppy disk, USB carries various advantages for Small size, lightweight, rewriteable and removable. Therefore, it becomes a necessary among business man and students.

However, Data loss often happens on USB flash drive as well. Some of them are caused by the products of USB, others due to the false operation of it. Here are some typical reasons that cause data loss:

1. Windows system asks you to format USB drive and you accidently press “Format”;
2. Mistakenly or carelessly delete files from USB flash drive and cannot find them in the recycle bin or trash bin;
3. The drive was attacked by virus and files get hidden or deleted;
4. Not properly remove the USB drive from computer when the data was still transferring;
5. The file system of USB drive was displayed as raw;
7. Hardware malfunction

It is really frustrated if you find crucial documents, previous pictures or applications lost. Are there any methods to get them back?
Data loss caused by hardware malfunction will be very hard to restore. You have to ask the help of professional technician. For other cases, you can rely on some USB flash drive data recovery program to help you. Once loss data, you should stop using USB any more in case the data was overwritten. There we recommend you Card Data Recovery to help you rescue USB flash drive data
Step1.  Download Card Data Recovery, save it to your computer’s desktop and double click on it to open the program;
Step2.  Insert SanDisk USB flash drive into USB port of your PC;
Step3.  Run Card Data Recovery and select SanDisk device from the drive selection drop-down menu. Click “scan” to scan the USB drive and you can find deleted or lost items will be displayed in the task list;
Step4.  Select the files you wish to recover from USB drive and click “Recovery” button. Card Data Recovery allows you to preview files before recovery.

Card Data Recovery also supports recovering data from  SanDisk memory cardSD cardmobile SDHC card , etc.

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