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In the main menu - how to get the image for MUSIC? I try to copy small folder.jpg into root of MUSIC both in MTP and MSC but it wont help. Thank you.

You press and hold the small home button at the upper left, and then scroll left or right with the rocker buttons below.  (The file you mention has nothing to do with this.)  Did you try that? 

And, you did remove the clear plastic protective screen from the player when you received the player, right?  (There is a small tab on the corner of the platic, to help with that.)  The protective plastic has a permanent image of a screen on it. 

Have you read the player’s manual, by the way?  That might help you.

Either I do not understand you or you do not understand me.

I would like to have some picture (image) at MUSIC menu not the blank. See the jpg:

Ah, now I understand.  Where have you placed the album art file?  Is it in the folder containing your album song files? 

Ah, now I understand.  Where have you placed the album art file?  Is it in the folder containing your album song files?  If not, try placing it there. 

its in root of MUSIC and ALBUM, too, like this and  its not working:

E:\MUSIC\>dir /B 01 Beat 01 Classic 02 Beat 02 Classic 03 Beat 03 Classic 04 Beat 04 Classic Classic2 Bio folder.jpg aaa

E:\ALBUM\>dir /b

From your photo, I see that the Clip Zip is inserting the default “pattern” background.  The Zip uses a set of different patterns, rather than a generic logo; these will change each time you run into missing or undisplayable album art.

By undisplayable, let me qualify that- the device is “unhappy” with the image, or it is missing.  We can fix this

Note, in your photo, it’s at the main “music” menu node.  the Clip Zip inserts the last album played’s album art image into this screen.  During music playback, the album art will display as the background, with information displayed over it.

The Zip can display embedded art, within the music file, or a album art.jpg image file.  Keep the image under 500*500 as a basic jpeg file.

The best method to ensure.display happiness is to use the embedded art method.  MP3Tag is my personal favorite, but Windows Media Player works fine (though it’s sometimes a wee bit moody about the art).

I like to use Windows Media Player in MTP mode, sincxe both bases are covered- the media player sends an album art image and handles the transfer automatically.  If you are using MSC mode, you have a little advantage, since MP3Tag can edit the file directly while on the Zip.  Otherwise, simply delete the file from the player.  Edit the ID3 tag on your computer, then retransfer to the Clip Zip.

The Sansa likes ID3 v2.3 ISO8859-1 (Latin-1) format best.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

also how large is the folder.jpg file? the clip zip album art is limited to 100kb so if the file is larger than that it will not be displayed. 

Yes, that it is: "the last album played’s album art image" - works. Thank you.