Music folders show additional files AlbumArtSmall.jpg, DESKTOP.INI, etc

I imported MP3 files into folders and when I look at the folder on my SanDisk Sport Plus I see a number of files besides the MP3s such as AlbumArtSmall.jpg, DESKTOP.INI, etc, Folder.jpg, AlbumArt_(a code), etc. I don’t see them when I view the folders on my computer and don’t want to see them when looking at the SanDisk. Any solution to this. TIA

From my personal experience, those “extra” files likely resided in the original source folder on your Windows PC. And they all got copied to your Sandisk player when you dragged the folder into the Music directory ?

   You could use Win File Explorer to delete the unwanted files from your player. 

       You must be using Folder Mode for the player to reveal those files?

            Your player will not display those extra files using Music Mode.