MUSIC directory shows as empty in XP Window Explorer

My Fuze has MP3 music files and is playing Ok.

When connected to my laptop, I can see all the directories but my MUSIC directory appears empty. Window Media Player 11 does not see them either. 

Since I don’t have any files in the PHOTO, VIDEO, etc. directories, I am not surprised that those directories are empty.

In my RECORD/FM directory, I can see the file I recorded from my FM station. WMP sees it.

Any idea why my MUSIC directory shows up as empty and how I can fix the problem?

You probably changed your USB mode in the settings menu.  Files added under a given mode can only be seen when connected in that mode.  So if you originally added files under Auto/MTP mode and the changed to MSC mode, the Fuze will still see the files but your computer no longer will.  Try switching the USB mode.

It depends on what USB mode the unit is set to.  If the USB mode is set to Auto Detect or MTP mode, it will appear as a Music device with it’s own hierarchal folder structure.  If set to MSC mode, it appears as a removable drive with it’s own folder structure.  Although the player can play and catalog music that is added in either mode, when you are in MSC mode, you will only see content that was added in MSC mode when connected to the computer.  If in MTP mode, you will only see content you added in MTP mode.

The only exception to this rule is how the MicroSD card is treated.  It seems that the same directory structure on the MicroSD card exists regardless of what mode you use, so you can see any content added in whatever mode on the SD card.

Thank you, both, for your input. I tried a few things and changed the settings to MSC instead of Auto and that fixed the problem. Thanks!

Thanks so much for this thread. I thought Fuze was a goner when my files disappeared (music, and many, many voice recordings, also). I don’t even remember changing the USB setting, but when I changed it to Auto Detect, my files miraculously reappeared.