Multiple problems at once HELP please

First I turned on my Sansa Clip and it said there was no music on it. I got on Windows Media Player to put music back on and it said my Sansa was full!? I tried re formatting, but when I would turn it on only the logo would show up! Now it isn’t even reading my Sansa Clip when I plug it into the computer. I’ve tried switching computers, USB cables, USB outlets… nothing works.

Did you trying switching the Clip’s USB mode (under Settings) to MSC mode?

When I turn it on, it won’t go past the logo thing that comes up when I first turn it on. It just says Sansa then changes to the logo.

Lock the power switch (Youll see an Orange dot), press and hold the center button and  connect to the computer,  (Keep holding the center button till it connects). If this gets it connected run the ChkDsk Utility you can find that by doing a search on here or on Google.

Dang that’s not working either. Any more suggestions or is my Sansa officially broken?

As odd as it may seem, you may want to leave it connected to a charged USB port overnight, for a good, long time.  There have been reports of these devices mysteriously popping back to life after an “ultra-charge.”

First, try resetting the Clip by sliding the power switch up to the ON position for about 20 seconds (hold it there), then release.  This performs a soft reset of the device.  Try powering up again and see if you get past the Sansa logo.

If problems persist, turn off the Clip, and try accessing the device manually using MSC mode:  Turn the device OFF, slide the HOLD switch to the bottom position (orange showing).  Then, press and hold the center button while connecting to the PC.  The device will connect manually in MSC mode.

You can then reinstall the firmware (see the firmware thread), or check the volume for errors using the Windows chkdsk utility.


I’m having the same problem where the logo shows up and it does nothing at all. I tried MSC mode and it still won’t do anything. Help!

Yeah, nothing is working for mine either. Still can’t get past the logo. I’ve only had this device for 2 or 3 months… dissapointing.

If worse comes to worse, you have a 1-year warranty on the player, and SanDisk should replace it.

In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information: