MP3 player will not play any files, but they are on the sd card.

I will apologize because I don’t know the exact make of this mp3 player, I ordered it online from Sears. I have never had an mp3 player that runs on the SD card only, it is just a more inexpensive Chinese make player. I synced my cds from WMP and they are in that format as far as I know.

The only way it will play is if it is connected to my laptop. It will not play them at all when I unplug it.

Is there another format for the music I should be using?

When I was syncing them up it says “JI LI” on the player name, and Digital MP3 Player on the front.

If you need to see a picture of the player I will attach it.

The menu is only “Tool Mode” and “Music Mode”.

There is not a place to shuffle or repeat or anything.

Can you help me?

This is a SanDisk forum, so we really couldn’t speak to an ‘unknown’ player. Did you not get an Owner’s Manual or Quick Start guide with it? Or at least a website from the manufacturer to go to for assisatnace and/or support?

If the music is corrupted chances are it won’t work on the Mp3 player either on your phone.