MP3 Player model m250

: I have two problems with my MP3 Player, model M250.

  1. I can’t delete files using windows media player.
  2. when I have the mp3 device plugged into my computer and check the properties it state the the device has 214 MB of data on it, yet when I open all the individual folders and files the total data adds up to only 800 KB. Where is the other 213 mb of information? My ultimate goal is to delete data from the device and I can’t seem to do this. Please help me.

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Why do I feel as though I just read through a commercial script?

It certainly has nothing to do with the subject of this thread, nor offer any help or constructive dialogue relevent to the OP’s problem.



Martyv - You should probably re-format your player to gain back your memory space and set everything straight again.


How do I reformat the player?


@martyv wrote:


How do I reformat the player?