issues with memory space

hi, just a quick question.

each time i delete music off of my music player and put more on it, there is less space available.

it keeps continually getting smaller, and i am down to about fifty songs in total.

this is quite a drastic change, because when i first got the player i could fit almost 300.

any reasons why this could be happening?

ps; the size of all of the files are roughly the same as before.

i dont know why it would be happening, but theres somethings I can suggest you try. (to try to fix it)

run check disk on the device, or back up the songs and format it (this deletes everything at once) and reload your songs. Are they mp3 or wma? Wma files save a bit more space at the cost of “quality” of the music, not many people can tell the difference(unless your really into music/audio).