Strange storage issue

A really strange storage space issue is happening.

I had a Fuze+ with 4GB of space (black), and got myself a new one, with 8GB (purple).

I uset to have 690 songs in the black one with about 36MB of remaining free space.

Then, I copied all my 690 songs from the black to the purple one and started adding new songs.

But the device memory was almos completly full after reaching 781 songs, leaving me with no more than 2,31MB of free space.

The computer confirms the internal storage spaces are correct as informed (4 and 8GB), and I’m quite sure that all my songs have about the same size, because most of the songs I added after copying the old ones had already been in the black one once. Plus, I only had the opportunity to add 91 new songs, and I don’t believe it’s possible to fulfill 4 other GB with only 91 songs, no matter how big they are. They would have to be at an average of 44MB per song, what certainly does not happen.

What can I do?

I got nothing on top of my head for this Alekos. Were you able to find anything though?

Nope… Never. Still happens the same.

@alekos wrote:


What can I do?


Try formatting the player (which will clear and optimize the memory space) and re-transferring your files.