What is happening? Please help!

I deleted all the songs off of my player. When I went to add some new songs it said there wasn’t enough memory, not even for one song! So there is absolutely nothing on my player now and it will not let me add any songs until it has more memory. When I go to turn it on it says “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 200MB” then shuts itself off. When it is plugged into the computer, if you open the file there is no content! (no songs or anything else). But something has its memory all used up.

Now ill be stuck at the library for three hours with no music!

Is there a way to reset everything (like find and delete whatever is using the memory)?

What is going on?

And how can I fix this?

I really need my player to work again!


Despite the wording of the error message, it rarely means the device is full. Rather it means something is the files system got corrupted, probably from something that happened during the deletions.

Format your player and reload your content and everything should be back to normal.