MP3 player briefly dropped in toilet! Is it ruined?

It currently doesn’t power up, so I’ve attached it to USB port on my PC. 

Is there other things I should be doing? Will it most probably work OK after perhaps it has thoroughly dried internally??

The worst thing you can do is try to power on a wet piece of electronics. Put it in a bag of rice overnight and hope you didn’t short out the battery.

Thx! (I’ve just put it submerged in a container of rice. I’ll chk on it again tmrw. Wish me luck!

Personally, I would leave it sealed up with the rice for a week, changing out the rice at least once mid-way. I don’t believe overnight (or even one day) is long enough to draw any residual moisture out of the innards of these things.

It helps to vigorously shake out as much water as you can first though. If there a puddle in there, it will take weeks to evaporate and the minerals left behind from the slow drying can cause other problems including corrosion of the components.

Thk you for the additional info/advice, Tapeworm! I appreciate your input & will (probably) take your extended advice…however, I just bought te Fuze+ only in November, and also purchased the Geek Squad coverage, so if in a day or so (or if SanDisk tech cannot get it working for me), I will most likely just have Geek Squad repair it.

I doubt whether Geek Squad will be able to “fix” it, but if that coverage allows for “accident” replacement, then you should be OK.

Next time though, you may want to consider just taking the newspaper with you.