Moving photos from one album to another album

I have the 64 GB drive. Ca I move photos from one album to another album within the media drive?

New member. Hope the question has not been previously asked. If it has, sorry.


it can be done using the WMD app but honestly it is a little convoluted. if i am going to move a picture I will just plug it in and use the computer to move it. If you really want to use the app here is how you can do it.

open the pic you want to move and tap the upload button. 

Select copy

go back to the main menu and select files

choose the folder you want to move the file to and long press on the folder, you will get an option to paste

paste the pic in the new folder

now go back to the original folder and delete the pic

Thanks Drlucky,
I have an old computer that is not reliable. That’s why I got the Sandisk Wireless Media Drive. I wanted a device that I could rely on to transfer data to without worrying about loosing everything. I have two iPads and one iPhone. They all need to reduce the data load on them. I’m practicing moving sample files until I get comfortable enough to move all of my pictures completely off my devices without worry of accidentally loosing everything. So, I may have many more questions in the future.
Again, thanks