How to you move files into folders on the SanDisk


I’ve just bougth the SanDisk Wireless Media Drive and have down loaded some songs and photos into Files.  When I try to move them in to their respective folders (Photos and Music) it won’t let me move them.

Can anyone please tell me how to do this?


as far as i know you cant move the files from one folder to another using the app. you would need to connect the media drive to the computer to orginize the files. 

Thank you. I can actually move the files on the app by copying and pasting but it’s on the computer I can’t seem to do it. It won’t let me drag and drop into files - so I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. How do you move files on the computer?


ah i see what you are saying. There actually is not any “Files” folder on the Media Drive. In the app Files refers to the directory structure ont he media drive. If you create a new folder on the media drive and put files in it using the computer when you go back to the app under files you will see that new folder containing your files.