Mono+another suggestion

I oftenly find myself sharing one headphone with another person (mostly on the bus) and because all the songs are in stereo and not in mono I miss out vocals/guitar solos/etc… that are playing in one headphone.

(I have the clip player).

I’m not suggestion that this will be a default,but I would like to be able to access it via music options.

I would also like to be able to see how much buttery I have left in percentages so I won’t find my self going with a low battery

For battery pecentage go to Settings->System Info->“press down” 2x. I wish it could display a number next to the bar or even the bar replaced with a number, but the screen is just too small to fit it all.

I don’t know, might just be better off getting a headphone splitter lol

I think switching to mono will be much more comfortable than carrying a splitter and another set of headphones,and I don’t think it’s too complicated to do this technologically,it could be done in the next firmware update