MicroSD Mobile Ultra 8GB is NOT class 6 !!! Please HELP me

Hi everyone, first of all I apologize for my bad english but I’m still studying it.

Anyway I’ve got some technical questions for everyone who can answer me: I bought directly from the official SanDisk site a micro sd Mobile Ultra 8GB (serial number SDSDQY-8192-E11M) and on the tech specs it was listed as a CLASS 6 microsd


Take a look on the high resolution picture here above and you clearly see the number 6 inside the circle.

Where is the problem? SanDisk sent me a class 2 microsd instead of a class6!! Actually, it is a mobile ultra 8GB, but on the package and on the sd itself is printed the number 2. I wrote to the technical support and they answered me with few words something like “the new micro mobile ultra sd are class2, the old ones were class 4 or 6. that cards are now became class 2”.

Very disappointing answer. Can anyone confirm me that this is true? Or maybe I’ve been screwed? I paid for a class6, not for a class2!!!

Thank you very much to everyone who will answer me…

that is an old picture. the card has changed from class 6 to class 2 and the newest ones are class 4. tech support gave you the correct information. 

Thank you very much for your answer, much more polite than the support one. But do you know the reason of this changement? This new class 2 is “powerful” like a class 6 was? Before opening the package to test it I want to be sure that this microsd is the right one, to don’t loose the possibility to send it back for a change.

Last question: you told that the newest ones are class 4, why the hell did they send me a class 2 if I bought it last week…?

Thanks again

there is still stock of the older cards. this is pretty common with retailers. they sell the oldest stock first. speed class only refers to minimum transfer speed and is only really relevant for shooting hi def video. all the mobile ultra have the same maximum transfer specs so as long as you are not shooting hi def video with it you should not see a difference. 

Ok, I’m understandin what you’re talking about; what I don’t understand is why they returned back to class 2 from class 6? What did it changed inside the sd?

An “old” class 6 is comparable to the new class 2? hhhmmm

And to recognize wich is the new and wich is the old…the package I got is identical to this one

http://images.mobilityminded.com/2010/08/sandisk_mobile_ultra_package_570px.jpg (8GB instead of 16 obviously)

and on ebay I found a mobile ultra class 6 that has this different package


Sorry for the avalanche of questions, but for me it’s really kinda problem. Thank you again you are very professional and prepared.

these are retail products so no change documentation is made public. i would assume some technology changes took place but i can t comment on the particular reason the choice was made. all the cards have the same SKU so ordering online you will never know what card you will get. if you are looking for a specific card your best bet is to go to a physical store and look at the card. 

Is correct.

As Dr.Lucky says SanDisk changed the class-4 of many cards without publishing and telling the retailers.

The evolution of this card was:

First microSD Ultra were Class-6 –> Class-2 –> and now Class-4

As Class only means MINIMUM write speed your device will be able to ge the max speed that SanDisk offer in the microSD Ultra cards pretty near to 100X = 15MB/s, obvioulsy the devive should get the max.speed depend on its technical specs.

The photos you posted are from older an newer retail packaing.

From Oct-Nov of 2009 SanDisk began to send all microSD Ultra in Class-4 to retailers.

This was the Class-2  former one:

And this is the new Class-4 microSD Ultra

Zoom in:

Thank you memoryval, I got the old class2 package; not the newer class4. By the way Now I bought a class 6 sandisk; as you’re saying it’s an old memory card but reading around the web I saw many speed test and it should be great. Anyway, thank you for your precise answer, you’ve been very helpful :wink:

And your point is?

I saw a SanDisk 30MBs  (Class 6 Video) Micro SDHCCard, capable of full HD Video (1080 X 1920) at;


as well as a Sandisk 30 MBs Micro SDXC (64 GB) Card that didn’t mention video specs at