Anyone got a SanDisk 4GB Class 2 MicroSD Card?

I need a working SanDisk 4GB Class 2 MicroSD Card with a serial number as close to 0934304147DN3 as possible (not sure if the SN matters). For months i’ve been searching for one but have just been turning up mislabled Class 4’s or completely different products. I thought i’d try the land of SanDisk, maybe I’ll get lucky. I’m willing to pay a realistic price for it, let me know how to contact you.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s against the rules to conduct private sale or business transactions on the public forum; if you want to do this, you must do it via pm’s (private messages).

Maybe this one will work for you?

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Reviews say they got a Class 4 instead of a Class 2… There are a flood of people selling Class 4’s as Class 2’s…

Thought, I’d ask… sorry for breaking forum rules…

You didn’t break any rules yet; just wanted to make you aware if you didn’t read them when you signed up. :wink:

May I ask why you need a Class 2 & why Class 4 wouldn’t work?