SanDisk Ultra SDHC 8 GB cards are now class 6 ???

I just purchased a two pack of Sandisk ULTRA 8 gig SDHC cards from Costco this past weekend (great price!) I noticed that they are now a class 6 @ 20MB/s. I couldn’t find anything on the Sandisk website about the new class rating, Has anyone read or heard about the upgrade in speed? I also purchased a 2 pack of the 4 gig cards, but they are still rated at a class 4, think they will upgrade the speed on the 4 gig cards also?


Joe B.

the entire ultra line recently had a speed bump to class 6 20MB/s cards. there are still a lot of the older product in the feild so that is likely why the website has not yet been updated. 

Thanks drlucky for the info!

Joe B.