MicroSD Card Stuck Issue

yestrday i inserted my 16GB card to see if it works…

after i removed it… the Player stucks every fews seconds even in the the music.

when i insert the Card the player running fine…

 i dont want MicroSD inside the player all the time

how can i fix this issue?

Edit - i tried Sansa Updates 5 and 12 without the Card and i get Scsi sense code: Device reported an undefined sense code

i can only reflash with the card inside

Thank you

Message Edited by TDMaster on 09-09-2009 08:10 PM

Format the MP3 player while the card is inserted, make sure you have backup of the songs both your mp3 player memory and micro sd because it will delete everything. :wink:

i tried to format the player with both firmware but still same problem…

and i also tried format the Internal/External Memory from inside the phone same problem…

Did you format your Internal memory in the computer? try formatting it on force MSC and format it under disk management;

Press and hold the Volume Up (+) and Select buttons simultaneously for approximately 20 seconds.

Firmware Update and follow Method 2; 


Hope this helps  :wink: