microSD card folders scrambled?

I have an 8gb Fuze with an 8gig Patriot Class 4 SDHC card. I connected with USB, dumped 8 gig worth of music on the Patriot using Explorer, the Fuze found it, etc.

When I connected the Fuze again via USB to add some more music I noticed that many of the music folders had moved from My Computer\Sansa Fuze 8GB\External uSD Card\MSC (stored under ArtistName/AlbumName to My Computer\Sansa Fuze 8GB\External uSD Card\MSC\New Folder and then the individual folders had a funny prefix, like My Computer\Sansa Fuze 8GB\External uSD Card\MSC\New Folder\88030000_The Myths And Legends Of Kin (the number is random). The music was still in the database and the files are accessible.

I put the files at the right place and rebuilt the database, then later they were scrambled again.

I have not loaded music in the internal memory yet, just a couple of audio books (DRM WMA and such, Overdrive). I can’t be paranoid enough but both scrambles happened after (noticed at least after) I loaded an audio book.

Any ideas? I’m running the latest firmware.

I have had that too… It doesn’t effect playback… So I don’t really worry about it. If there is a change in playback then I would be looking for an explanation. I assumed and continue to assume that it has something to do with the way the fuze loads and builds file directories.

If you noticed this as well I assume it has nothing to do with audio books then… It is ironic that I do very similar stuff to that for work and one of the prime directives is to NOT modify the removable media, period… I can’t see them modifying the SDHC contents while building the database.

Where is the actual database stored? is it some kind of database or just a flat file? I assume it’s in a hidden partition, not in the clear…

The database is called mtable.sys. Check the root files.

I have the very same problem as well… doesn’t seem to affect playback, but it makes deleting specific albums (e.g. to make room for others) a major pain!

I was having the same problem, and I think I have the solution.  Don’t use the create new folder option. Create the folders on your HD and transfer those over to the card under the MSC folder. That seems to have worked for me.