micro sd memory card problem

I have a SanDisk Micro Sd memory card .When I am formatting this card from my PC that shows an error “windows was unable to complete the format”.

I am also formatting this card using a software "SDFormatter " that time it shows an error “memory card is write protected”

how can I format this card…

please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

If it won’t format, it sounds as though the card is bad. You should probably buy a new card.

Is the card in a full sized SD adapter? Some of these have a write protect slider  which moves too easily, and as 

the card is inserted in the reader the slider is pushed to the lock position. That is what I had experienced with one adapter. You could try taping the slider to the unlocked position(covering that notch completely is also unlocked-this is similar to the write protect notch on a cassette tape or vhs tape), or use a different adapter. When taping it, be careful not to cover any part of the contacts. if you never plan to use the write protect lock, you could glue it in place in the unlocked postion with a drop or two of crazy glue(use a tiny amount, and make sure the glue is dry before putting the adapter in the card reader(perhaps wait a day just to be sure).