micro sd card missing or did not record mp4 videos

I received a surveillance camera as a gift for work.  I set it up and recorded for several days.  I used a micro sd 32 GB card.  A few weeks had passed and when i checked the card for videos it had about 145 files on it.  These files were approximately 15 seconds long and were about 4.4 or 4.5 MiB while others were 1.5 to 1.9 MiB.  All files are listed as MPEG-4 video.  The problem is that the files are not consecutive in file titles.  One file is titled 21057 and the next file is titled 21182 then the next file is 21275.  When you watch them the videos are not one right after the other timewise.  There are gaps in time which makes sense of the gaps in titles. 

Can someone explain to me what happened?  Why would it save some videos but not the others.  Obviously other videos were recorded at somepoint but were not saved on the micro sd card because the titles are not consecutive i.e. 21057, 21058, 21059.

I am a novice at this so if you can explain it to me in layman’s terms.  It looks like only about 1.2 GBs of the card was used.  Can the 'missing" files be present on the card but they are not showing because of the computer I am using to retrieve them, can’t see them.

I had set the camera to turn on when motion was detected.  But from watching the videos there was obviously motion in between the videos that were saved on the micro sd card because people came and went and are not seen on any of the recorded videos.

Appreciate any insight into what happened.



A memory card is simply a storage medium. Your questions need to be asked of (and answered by) the camera mfg.



As videos are not in sequential order, chances are it might be a corruption issue.

So, to get rid of such issue, you can try a SysInfo Tools Windows Data Recovery V1.0 software.

It works for me when  I tried it. You can try another alternative also like Stellar Data Recovery, Ease US Data Recovery software to fix it.


Hope, it will help you.