micro SD card corruption

I used adaptive storage on my Sandisk Micro SD card. But some how it was not working and after some how shuffling through options, the SD was finally rendered not recognisable. I used exeternal adapter and connected to my PC. It was not recognised in the explorer but the Disk Management Utility showed it as attached. But the options to delete and assign letter are disabled as attached.

In a partition management related tool, following partions were shown.

And I am not restore SD card to previous usable format by anymeans.

Please help.

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That’ s  an annoying problem. Maybe you can try to format your micro SD card by using Diskpart. This is also useful to fix SD Card Corruption Error.

  • Press Win+R and type “ CMD ” to launch the Command Prompt window
  • Enter “Diskpart” in the window and then enter “List Disk”.
  • Enter “ Select Disk 1 ”, if your SD card is disk 1. Otherwise, change 1 to another number.
  • Type “ Clean ” in CMD window and then press Enter on your keyboard.
  • Enter “ Create partition primary ”.
  • After that, type “ format fs=fat32 ” to let the system starts formatting SD card.

Hope it will help.

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