Memory Question

Hi guys,

I joined the forums because I have a question for you.

I plan on purchasing the Clip+ because I want something with expandable memory and that I can be harder on than my iPod Touch.

I was wondering if the Clip+ will work with a regular SDXC flash memory card.  I saw one that has 128GB and this would be a benefit over my 64GB iPod Touch that does not have expandable memory.

Or will it only work with the microSD cards?

Thank you.

The Clip+ (and all of the Sansa line of mp3 players) has a micro SD card slot so no, full-sized memory cards will not work. The largest available micro SD card right now is 64GB SDXC. The XC (exFAT) format is not read or supported on the Clip+, but some have had success in re-formatting them to the HC (FAT32) format for use with the Clips and others.

Note though that all this extra memory will hold a lot of tracks, especially if they are .mp3 format. The Clip+ has an (official) 8,000 track database limit, although most people seem to hit this around 5,000. So unless you use FLAC or other larger sized files, it’s very likely you will not be able to fully realize the benefit the extra storage capacity gives you.

There is an alternative, 3rd-party firmware called Rockbox you can check out though. Just about everyone I know of using these ‘hacked’ 64GB cards are using it as it has no such limitation, plus the many other benefits/features it offers.

I have the clip+ with a less than full 8gb micro card. These posts always leave me wondering just how one fills a 64 gb card and having done so how long it might take to locate a given title. Still, to each his own.

For the car, I use a memory stick and fm transmitter. I find it nore convernient to use one stick for classical and another storage for shorter titles which I play randomly. Car fm transmitters suffer a limitation in that they always start from the beginning of a track, so longer tracks are best left for longer trips.

I’ve never tried Rockbox, but if I were changing cards I would if this reduced the refresh time.

The manual says 16gb is the limit, but I am using a 32gb card completely full with 1444 (long) tracks. It’s nice to hear I can probably use my 64gb card which I already reformated to fat32. This is aside from the native memory which I use for many audiobooks.