Memory card RAW problem

My camera memory card is displayed as RAW file system and all taken photos cannot be accessed. But, some of them are needed in this Friday. So, I just come here and ask what I can do to re-access these photos. Do you have any idea? Is it right for me to format this card at first? Please, help me! Thanks!

OK! The RAW file system problem could be the cause of permanent data loss. So, you’d better act carefully from now on.

1). Do not write this RAW memory card with any new file and also do not format it in case of any data loss.

2). Insert it to your computer and see whether all your memory card photos are still recoverable. You may need some card data recovery tools like Recuva, 4Card Recovery, PhotoRec and iCare Data Recovery Free to take chances.

No matter which one you choose to use, I hope you can scan your card much more times to see whether you can scan much more photos back.

3). Format this card to convert its file system from RAW to your wanted one.

PS: You should always back up your card data on your computer or other places timely in the future.

Here is an article that may also help you:

Photo recovery is the third party software which is designed to recover RAW file format photos from All digital cameras.So, you can try Photo recovery to restore your RAW file format photos.

In you case, you may take chances with some data recovery tools.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago, I had a great success to restore my wanted data back from my RAW Canon camera memory card with a card data recovery program:

I still can remember its four data recovery options for me to choose. I hope it may also help you.

Note : No matter what happens, you should never forget to save everything important on different places again. 

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You can also use Card data recovery for recovering your Raw file format photos from your digital camera memory card.

Thank you very much! Your detailed steps and recommended data recovery software really help me a lot. Moreover, I also find a really useful video tutorial here:

Thanks again!!! 

There are some other proficient and more advance application also available for photo Recovery. You can check out such a tool from here …

Hey there, I was recently facing a trouble where my micro SD card turned into RAW all of a sudden. As a result I did not able to access any of my stored files from my SD card. The issue was driving me crazy but fortunately I got exact tips from a web site on how to access data from RAW memory card and I have successfully recovered data from RAW Micro SD card. Below mentioned links would provide site information.

Sounds like i am experiencing the same problem

Hi everyone. Just purchased a new SanDisk Extreme 16GB CF card for my camera yesterday as i was shooting a wedding today. Took the card out of the package and placed it in my camera and fired off a few test shots. happy with the results i popoed the card in to my card reader and proceeded to import the photos to Aperture. with great ease and 100% sucess. So as i said i shot a wedding today and fired off about 600 shots. Checked shots through the day and all was well. Took the card out of the camera tonight and placed it in the same card reader and proceeded to import the files to my Mac. as there were so many i decided to leave it to its own devices. a few hours later i returned to the mac which had an error on the screen saying the disk had ejected improperly. i disconnected the disk from the mac and reinserted it and it wouldnt load on the desktop. next i put the card back into the camera and the camera says “card error”. i have tried putting the card in two Macs and a PC laptop but the card doesnt show up on any of them. So my question is this. if i put the card in the camera and select the cormat card option, what are the chances of me retrieving the photos using Etreme Pro rescue software as i feel that is my only option. I am reluctant to do this in case it scuppers my chances with bringing the card back to the shop where i bought it and they send it off to Sandisk to see where the problem is.

Any ideas?

@jodyphoto wrote:

Sounds like i am experiencing the same problem . . .


Any ideas?

Yes . . . only post your problem once. There’s no need for multiple identical posts.

Read my repsonse to your other one: