Memory card not working properly

Hey guys, I have a Canon 60D with a 8 GB SDHC card. It was working perfectly until my friend borrowed the camera from me. When i got back the camera, the camera couldnt detect the memory card. So i tried using the card with my laptop. My laptop’s internal card reader detected it but my memory card reader couldnt detect it. I have another Sandisk 32 GB card. Which is working perfectly on camera and card reader. 

One noticeable thing was that, my card logo or icon in “my computer” was changed. Before it was written SDHC in blue but now its strange with red letters. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Try different card readers.

If card can be detected, then format it. (Back up data before formatting.)

If problem persist, the card is bad. Call distributor or SanDisk and get an exchange.

If card cannot be detected on multiple different readers, the card is dead. Call distributor or SanDisk and replace it.