Mediamonkey Not able to Sync with Fuze Memorycard?

I use media monkey to sync all my music on my sansa fuze, but it has become irritating to manually transfer my music to the memory card when I run out of space on the iternal memory. It syncs fine with the internal memory, just not the memory card.

Just in case, My computer is running a 64bit version of vista if that has any effect to the problem.

Please help?

I’d gladly provide more information if it’s necesarry. I thought this fourm would suit my issue better the the MM fourms due to the sansa fuze relation.

You have to set the card up as another device in MM. I for instance see Sansa Fuze (H:), Card (I:) in Media Monkey then I have to choose where to sync to. I dont remember the exact method for setting it up but if you pull up the manual it is in there.

Supposedly this is fixed in the beta. I have not tried it yet, though.