Using the MicroSD card on SansaFuse with MediaMonkey

I am not sure how to use the external MicroSD card on a SansaFuse when using MediaMonkey. Itlooks like when you are “sync Device”, MediaMonkey only recognizes thebuilt in 4 gigs. So if you add music on the external card and you syncyour device, MediaMonkey will duplicate the songs on the built in 4gigs. Any suggestions, experiences with using the external card whensync device and MediaMonkey. I am in particular wondering about playlists and how theexternal card affects them. thanks

It works as two separate drives so there is no way to get it to work where it automatically adds to the card as a sort of ‘overflow’.  The way I work it with MM is to have 2 folders, one of which is synced with the device and one with the card (set up in the device options in MM).  You can do this using auto organise in MM if you want. You can also just set which artists sync to where (or any other attribute).

Playlists are more complicated if you want to reference both drives.  YAPL (search for it) can make them in MSC mode, but the creator may not be able to continue development.  If you use MTP mode you can create them manually in explorer (right click a song and use the playlist option, then drag and drop tracks into the playlist).

Thanks. I’ve just had time to get back to it. Seems like these things are time consuming. When using a second SD card for the Fuze to create playlists, it looks easiest to just drag and drop mp3’s (as you say) from the external SD on created playlists in the internal disc in Explorer. Although, so far I’ve had to first create the playlist in MediaMonkey and then sync the playlist so it appears in the fuze. You have to open the playlist first before it will accept the mp3’s from the external SD. I also did create an extra folder. For some reason, I’m not exactly sure what you meant, but I had to create an additional folder in MediaMonkey. I called it My Music 2 for all songs in the external SD; otherwise, I was not able write all my songs to the Fuse till I created the additional folder, even though I tried selecting and deselecting within just folders within one folder (My Music). If this makes any sense. I’m not sure why.