media converter

Had to get a new computer…has vista.  When I connect my Sansa Fuse to it Media Converter not showing.  Can’t remember how it got it on my old computer with XP.  Is there a download.  Went to Explore.  Found Sansa Fuse 4Gb.  When I click on it all I get is how much space is available on external and internal memory.  Need Media Converter to add more pictures.  Haven’t even tried adding more music.  One step at a time.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


See that little white rectangle up on the left under Welcome? It’s a search box.

If you type in “Sansa Media Converter” you might even find this link:

Of if you just click on Welcome you’ll find a whole list of forums including one with the super secret encrypted name Sansa Media Converter. 

Thank you,  it took a while but I finally got it installed.  Haven’t tried it but it’s in the computer now.  Appreciate you expertise.